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  1.Walking into someone 撞到别人

  2. Nearly walking into someone 差点撞到别人

  3. Being walked into 被别人撞到了

  4. Nearly being walked into 差点被别人撞到了

  5. Walking into a door 撞到门

  6. Not hearing what someone has said 没听到别人说的话

  7. Thinking you heard what someone said but being so scared of being wrong about what they said that you ask them repeat it, just in case.


  8. Calling someone on the phone. 别人打电话时打扰到别人。

  9. Answering the phone in someone else’s presence. 当着别人面听电话。

  10. Being late. 迟到了。

  11. Being early. 早到了。

  12. Being predictably punctual. 预计会准点到。

  13. Using too much milk. 放太多牛奶。

  14. Not using enough milk. 没放够牛奶。

  15. Walking across a zebracrossing. 走过斑马线时。

  16. Letting someone walk through a doorway before you. 让别人在你前面走过门口。

  17. Coughing. 咳嗽时。

  18. Sneezing. 打喷嚏时。

  19. Swearing. 咒骂时。

  20. Spilling your pint on someone. 你把啤酒洒到别人身上时。

  21. When someone spills their pint on you. 当别人把啤酒洒你身上时。

  22. When you pay for a packet ofchewing gum with a tenner because you don’t have anything smaller. 买口香糖没零钱,要用10英镑来付款的时候。

  23. When the bartender mishears your order. 当酒保听错了你的订单。

  24. When the bartender drops your change as they pass it back to you, even though it’s clearly their fault. 当酒保把零钱找你时,零钱掉地上了,即使这是他们的错。

  25. Checking you phone. 查看手机时。

  26. Not replying to an email. 没回复邮件时。

  27. Replying to an email too quickly. 回复电邮太快时。

  28. Replying to a work email over the weekend. 周末回复工作邮件时。

  29. When offering your seat to someone a millisecond late. 让座慢了几秒时。

  30. Not offering a drink to someone within the first 10 seconds of them entering your house. 没在别人进入你房子10秒内给别人提供喝的。

  31. Asking a shop assistant for help. 叫店员帮忙时。

  32. Not having a stamp, lighter and pen on your person at all times. 没有随身带邮票,打火机和笔。

  33. Paying in coins for something. 用硬币支付某些东西时。

  34. Asking someone in the street for anything at all (directions, lighter etc).在大街上向别人询问任何事情时(譬如问路或者借打火机等等)。

  35. Not having something or knowing something someone on the street asks you for. 大街上有人问你要东西,而你没有时。

  36. Sending something back to the kitchen/bar if it’s raw/wrong/likely to kill you.


  37. Making an early taxi driver wait until the agreed time you wanted to leave at. 让早到的的士司机等。

  38. Piers Morgan 看到皮尔斯·摩根时(英国主持人,《英国达人秀》和《美国达人秀》主持人,以刁钻毒舌著称)

  39. Making a joke. 开玩笑。

  40. Making a joke someone elsedoesn’t get. 开了一个别人不觉得好笑的笑话。

  41. Not getting someone else’sjoke. 抓不到别人的笑点时。

  42. Someone else’s baby being sick on you. 别人家的孩子看你不顺眼时。

  43. Someone else’s dog trying tobite you. 别人家的狗要咬你时。

  44 Someone else’s car trying torun you over. 别人的车差点撞到你时。

  45. Someone else’s partner tryingto chat you up. 别人的伴侣想要挑逗你时。

  46. Drinking too much. 喝太多了。

  47. Not drinking enough. 喝得不够多。

  48. Lying. 撒谎了。

  49. Telling the truth. 把事实说出来了。

  50. The weather. 天气问题。

  51. Centuries of colonial oppression and exploitation. 几个世纪的殖民压迫和剥削。

  52. Taking slightly too long toboard a bus. 上公交车的时候有点慢。

  53. Ordering any drink at the barcome complicated than a beer or glass of wine. 在酒吧点的东西稍微比较复杂,而不是简单的一杯啤酒。

  54. Ordering any drink at a bar. 在酒吧点酒时。

  55. Wanting the attention of awaiter in a restaurant. 在餐厅叫服务员时。

  56. Asking for your bill in a restaurant. 在餐厅要账单时。


  57. Walking in on your flatmate doing something ordinary in the kitchen. 撞到你室友在厨房做一些事情。

  58. When you need to get to the fridge and someone is standing between you and the fridge. 当你想去冰箱拿点东西,而有人站在冰箱前时。

  59. Coming down with an illness. 生病了。

  60. Doing poorly on an exam. 考试没考好时。

  61. Doing very well on an exam. 考试考太好时。

  62. Asking someone on a date. 约别人时。

  63. Accidentally making eye contact with a stranger. 不小心和陌生人有眼神接触时。

  64. Accidentally making eye contact during sex. 啪啪啪不小心有眼神接触时。

  65. Sex. 啪啪啪时



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