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Hello, I'm Jacques Torres from Jacques Torres Chocolates. Welcome to About.com! Today I am going to show you how to mold a Santa Claus in chocolates and in different chocolate colors.

Make a Chocolate Santa From a Mold 用模子制作巧克力圣诞老人

The techniques are applied to any kind of mold. So if you buy a mold for home, you will be able to duplicate that.

Color in the Dark Chocolate Details 黑巧克力填色细节

So the first thing is to work with a paper cone, and I'm going to put a little bit of dark chocolates in the paper cone. And that's used to make little details. So let me show you how I do that. I cut the tip of the cone and now you can see chocolates coming out of it. So, using that, I can make the eye, the center of the eye, then this part here and the eyebrow and the button, and the cane.

Add the White Chocolate Details 增添白巧克力的细节

And white chocolate is very interesting, white chocolate is not really chocolate. White chocolate is made with milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter and lecithin - so not much from the cocoa plant there except the cocoa butter.
So I take the white chocolate and I paint all of the surfaces that are going to be white into the mold. And again, you can buy a mold for home and the techniques will be exactly the same. Very simple. So this is how the Santa looks like from the back. Now I am going to start to work on the front. And I am going to paint his mustache and his beard and all those white parts. Just like that.

Fill the Santa Mold With Milk Chocolate 把牛奶巧克力注入模子中

I am going to put milk chocolate to mold. I need to pour the chocolates in here. So you can put as much chocolate or as little as you want. I need more like that.

Spin the Santa Mold 旋转模子

Then you're going to put on the top of the mold. And now as you can see, I spin the mold to ensure that chocolate goes everywhere. And I have cold air coming out of the machine, and what's going to happen here is, the movement is going to make the chocolate go on the side, this way the inside is going to stay hollow. That's why we call that a hollow figure.

Refrigerate the Chocolate Santa 冷藏巧克力圣诞老人

Then you put it in the fridge. So, it takes a few minutes for the chocolates to retract from the mold, so when that happens what we do, we just open the mold and you can see now the center coming out. It's very shiny. And all the detail that we made with the brush shows up.

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