Lady Gaga出任宝丽来创意总监访谈
来源: NYTimes  时间: 2010年01月18日 

流行音乐界"雷人教母" Lady Gaga"终于找到份正经工作",出任宝丽来公司"系列特殊成像产品"的创意总监。如果宝丽来(Polaroid Corp.)聘请Lady Gaga出任创意总监是为了夺人眼球的话,那么这一招显然大获成功。一起来听听Lady Gaga谈工作感受吧!

-You are a pop star, why are you working with Polaroid?

Lady Gaga-Well, my job with Polaroid is…has nothing to do with being a pop star and what’s really very exciting about our partnership is that… is not endorsement deal or campaign. It is 100% a partnership with me as the creative director of new products and branding nothing more than my artistic vision.

endorsement deal 签约
He also has endorsementdeal worth at least $20 million. 另外他还有至少2千万美元的广告合同。
Tiger Wood's fourteen million dollar endorsement deal with Nike and others in this spring was just the latest battle in the hotly contested sneaker wars. 球星老虎伍兹今春与耐克及其它公司一千四百万美元的签约成了沸沸扬扬的全美旅游鞋大战的最新一次战役。

campaign 商业宣传推广
creative director 创意总监
artistic vision 艺术眼光

-And so what are you actually been doing? Are you going to design product, marketing campaign, what’s your work with company about?

Lady Gaga-With all sorts of things. First informal, the House of Gaga, how this all started is that we were developing a series of technology innovation products that bridge the sort of fashion and photography well. And we brought ideas to Polaroid after they had approached about working together and they were sort of pleasantly surprised me of working on something and it’s going to be very exciting to create new products and to take what is so iconic about the existing Polaroid brand and instant film which is the traditional Polaroid camera and blinding it with our ideas about the future that we are now in digital market.

instant film 即时成像,这种相机可以说是宝丽来的代表产品

-And how does the Polaroid brand and sort of your vanity for the Polaroid brand work with your goals for Polaroid moving forward?

Lady Gaga-Well, my personal goals as well as, you know, my goals with the team we all see very eye to eye on the same page about the future. The company is to, like I said, keep the iconic nature of Polaroid and instant development, but bring it into what it’s now a digital era for cameras and to bring back the lifestyle of taking photos. Digital cameras as a instance say, are…it’s very difficult to print them, most people don’t ever print the photos they take on the digital cameras and how can we bridge what is so tangible about the instant film Polaroid with what is so kind of media about the digital camera.